What does Oneness mean to You?


This week we are running a competition on our Social Channels asking our community what Oneness means to them.

So we thought it would be great to share with you, what Oneness means to the folks here at The Oneness Movement. After all, our mission at TOM is to "Bring Oneness to Our Everyday Lives".


According to the dictionary, the meaning of Oneness is

"the fact or state of being unified or whole, though comprised of two or more parts."


I quite like this definition. When I was founding TOM, I wanted to bring into existence something that would help people find connection, to help them see that ultimately, we are all connected, though we are all individuals. To me, whether you take a religious, spiritual, energetic or scientific view of life, there seems to be a common concept. We are not separate, we are fundamentally and intrinsically linked. We are all part of a great whole, we are One.

This is what led me to call the company The Oneness Movement - a movement to champion, educate, support, empower and ultimately help people experience connection, experience Oneness - no matter their underlying beliefs or modalities and techniques used to embrace this.

After all, we are still individuals! But individualism does not have to mean separation. I know in my own journey, feelings of separation have been a cause for loneliness, aggression, conflicts and hopelessness. Embracing our differences and striving for our connection, our Oneness, to me, is a way to achieve harmony and goodwill.

I really do believe that no matter our path, embracing our Oneness will be transformational for human kind (and animal kind and other-beings and all parts of this wonderful universe that we are yet to discover!)


Thanks for reading






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