Surviving and Thriving in Lockdown!

Many of us are spending more time with our family than we expected, or more time alone.

Our psychic landscape has completely changed. Here are some ways to survive through the current times and perhaps even thrive!

  • 1) Be aware of the five stages of grief. It’s not an exaggeration to say we are in mourning for the life we used to know. There may be denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. We may ricochet between all or any of these.
  • 2) Focus inward. Everyone has a retreat space within them, a place of stillness and calm, but it might manifest differently for you and the people around you. Accept that you will all want to retreat differently and at different times.
  • 3) Focus outward. As long as you are in good health, think about what you can do for others, both in your household and beyond. It may be volunteering, helping elderly friends and neighbours, or simply buying only what you need for the week.
  • 4) Regarding the news: less is more. Find a balance between staying informed and avoiding overwhelm. It’s okay to switch off. If you’re anxious, write your concerns down.
  • 5) Expand your knowledge and skills. If you’ve always wanted to learn to bake bread, dance flamenco, or learn about Viking long ships you’ll never get a better chance than now.
  • 6) Focus on the positive. Speaking as one whose income is insecure, yes, we have lost livelihoods and liberty, but we have gained time, purpose and a chance to rest and reflect.
  • 7) Advance a little every day. Do something for your financial security, something for your physical health, something for your family, your cultural side, and so on. Then rest each evening, knowing you have done your best.
  • 8) Every day, re-connect with the ‘why’. We are doing this to save lives, to reduce suffering and to protect the most vulnerable in our community. For that, we can do a little inconvenience and Netflix.


Written by Joanna Ward, from Bluebird Coaching And Hypnotherapy.

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