Where's Your Focus?

Journey of a Conscious Entrepreneur


You've probably heard all the sayings before. Focus creates reality, where you put your attention is where you put your energy. Focus on where you are going, not where you are.

This week I have had a powerful ...

Nadia Dubiel - Talking with TOM

Nadia Dubiel, founder of SuperHuman Academy is Talking with The Oneness Movement

Nadia Dubiel is a Body and Mind trainer, teaching people "How to Become SuperHuman".

Personal Transformation - TED Talks that inspire personal growth

There comes a time when we all stand at ‘that’ crossroad – fed-up with life as we know it but unable to move forward due to a collection of debilitating factors - fears, low self-esteem, low confidence, self-doubt, lack of motivation, lack of ...

Martin Laschkolnig - Talking With TOM

Renown Speaker, Martin Laschkolnig Talks with TOM

And we loved it so much, we would have him back a thousand times over!


myTOM is Launching Soon

Lucy Nolan on the Features of myTOM

Lucy Nolan talks to us about myTOM.

myTOM is our new product for the Conscious Wellbeing community which is launching soon. She shares the concept of myTOM and the exciting features and benefits ...

Christiane Moeschler - Talking with TOM

Get Intuitive with Chrissy

Many famous people have said that learning to follow their intuition was key to their success. These people include Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Kim Basinger, Bill Gates and Steven Spielberg just to name a few.

Wellness and Super Conscious Living

The shift in health towards a trend in wellness and super conscious living means that the complementary health industry is busier than ever.

Being a Business of Influence - Judith Quin.

Do you want to be influencing others, or does the thought of being considered a person of influence, make you cringe, feel a bit embarrassed, or hide away because you don’t see yourself like that?

Susan Driscoll - Talking with TOM

The Oneness Movement talks with Susan Driscoll

After 25 years on her own personal journey, Susan began coaching and teaching Creative Development. She teaches the same tools and techniques that have helped her to create change in her own life.

Do you know about the hero's journey?

The Hero's Journey of a Conscious Entrepreneur

If you've seen a movie, read a book or gone to a play?  Then you are probably familiar with the hero's journey. It starts with a main character, the hero, who is an ordinary person unaware of their ...