Complementary Health: Why Now?

Complementary health and healthcare encompasses a wide range of practices including reflexology, aromatherapy and therapeutic massage that are often used alongside or as an alternative to conventional medicine.

Denise Parker - Talking with TOM

The Oneness Movement is Talking with Denise Parker

Denise is on a mission to inspire people to be all that they are. She brings them clarity on their vision and helps them create the results they love.

Let out Your Whole Voice with Sound Circles

Sound Circle Meditation

So, we all know I am a big fan of Judith Quin, who has been a guest blogger on TOM Talks and along with being my friend, she has also helped me immensely in connecting my voice with my vision for The Oneness Movement.

TOM Benefits Practitioners and Small Businesses in the Wellness Space

Practitioners may be experts in their discipline but many are not experienced, confident or competent when it comes to business planning, marketing or social media yet all of these skills are needed to be a successful practitioner. The Oneness ...

Taylor Roark - Talking with TOM

TOM connects with Taylor Roark of Galliant Trainings

Modern scientists are uncovering how consciousness and reality work. What they are finding is that the reality you experience is intrinsically connected with and shaped by what is happening in ...

The Quiet Space of You

Where are the quiet spaces?

TOM Talks Guest Blogger, Lourdes-anne Requena

myTOM Platform Update

We love our community feedback!

Thanks to you we have rolled out lots of improvements and adjustments to the beta version of myTOM.

We are still creating guides and FAQs for some of these so please feel free to email us for any help or ...

Isik Tlabar - Talking with TOM

TOM breathes it all in with Isik Tlabar

I met with Isik at her beautiful apartment in Finchley, eager to learn all about breathwork. Isik is a transformational coach and breathwork facilitator and I was there to interview her and experience her ...

You are killing your business

Journey of a Conscious Entrepreneur

A business mentor once said to me, that as the CEO, the only thing that will kill your business will be you. I believed her because, as a somewhat conscious entrepreneur, I know that my actions and attitude ...

Re:Mind Me Why I Love Conscious Wellbeing?

Mind Matters Workshop

I had the pleasure of attending a Mind Matters workshop at The Curtain and hosted by Shivraj Bassi, Founder and CEO of Innermost. It incorporated some of my favourite disciplines, Nutrition, Mindfulness and Sound Healing!