My daily dose of Oneness

My daily dose of Oneness

We all have our own practices, our own way of making each day count, our own way of feeling connected. In the spirit of our social media competition this week - “What do you do daily to experience ONENESS?”, I'd like to share with you my daily practice.

Land of Plenty

I coach with Christian Whitecloud, and one of the things we do early on in our coaching is to visit our Land of Plenty, a metaphorical representation of the place where you are truly connected to your heart and your purpose, and you already have everything your heart desires. We use a guided meditation to visit this Land and intuitive techniques to comprehend the subtle information received there. It was actually in my Land of Plenty where the concept for The Oneness Movement was borne!

Once we have connected with our Land, and received our insights, we bring this information back into our current reality. From here, we form it into Choices that encapsulate what we would love to create, what our heart truly desires to bring forth into this world.

For me, this has been a deep connection with my true purpose, the higher vibration of my existence. Previously, all the things that I had rationally thought I wanted, were actually to compensate for how I felt a lack in myself, or to try and get away from things I didn't want.


Daily Choices

Once you have connected with your heart's truest desire, the next step is to manifest it. Simply knowing what you want, is not enough, you need to action. So this is what I do on a daily basis. I set aside about 15 minutes each morning, to consciously tune back in to the higher vibration of each of my Choices. I experience the feeling of having them and set the intention of receiving them.


"When we combine an elevated emotion with an open heart and a conscious intention with clear thought, we signal “the field” to respond in amazing ways. The quantum field responds not to what we want; it responds to who we are being."

 ~ Joe Dispenza


How do I do it?
  1. I imagine myself in total innocence, with no past and no future, just a state of connection with the universe. I clear my mind from trying to know or work it out, and I just let go.
  2. Then I define a space, and energetic circle, which I define as the circle of my Choice, and I read that Choice aloud.
  3. I imagine stepping into that energetic circle and begin to generate the emotions of already having it, imagining how it feels and set my intention to manifest it. I repeat this for each of my choices.


The Bridge

I also use this time to receive intuitive guidance on the next step I should take to manifest my Choice. This is done through defining 3 circles, a Vision, a Current Reality and a Bridge circle, which I do for two of my Choices each day.

The steps are the same as above: to be in innocence and to define my energetic circles. 

  1. The Vision - here I am imagining a full sensory perception of what my Choice is like in its end state
  2. Current Reality - here my intention is to receive intuitive insights about where I am now in relation to that Vision, not just on a material level, but also a deeper sense of my beliefs and thoughts which may be inhibiting it
  3. Bridge - lastly, I stand in the Vision and imagine looking back towards the Current Reality to see what the first step was that I took to move towards my Vision.

The Bridge is what guides me on what to do for those Choices each day, to keep my on track to manifest my Vision!



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