Emotional Pain in My Butt

I met Ellie Deighton in Africa on one of William Whitecloud’s soul safaris. In our safari jeep, we shared fun and lots of laughter, and I got to know her beautiful energy. Ellie is a conscious development practitioner who works with body and breath work, tantra and magic. We had some wonderfully deep conversations, which eventually turned to my lower back pain.

I had been suffering with the pain for several months, right at the base of the spine, through my butt checks and spreading into my hip joints. The bumping safari jeep was aggravating my pain, despite the massages I’d had and the hot water bottle I used.


Trapped Emotions


Despite medical help, I knew I had a more deeply rooted emotional issue. Ellie helped me to see that my base chakra energy, which is about belonging, support and connection to the earth, was not aligned and that lower back pain is often related to negative emotions regarding our sense of connection.

This made a lot of sense. Having recently launched our myTOM platform, I was struggling personally to connect our team and connect with our customers. I also felt that I did not have support around me and was becoming very alienated from the world. In my usual way, I powered through keeping myself busy with activity, but my body had other ideas.


My body needed me to process these emotions and decided to give me a pain in my butt so that I would take notice!


Bodywork Technique

It was a busy trip, but Ellie and I managed to find a few moments where she guided me through some body movements and breathing techniques. Straddled aside a bench, she showed me how to rock back and forth with my hips but leading the movement from my heart – this was more difficult that it sounds. However, by recognising there was a front and a back of my heart and to use that axis, the moment made more sense.

Then, sitting opposite of me while I rocked, Ellie would state a few phrases and watch how my energy changed. It was incredible. Some phrases made me lead with my abdomen, my “will” chakra and others from my womb area and sexual centre. A few made my energy shrink and feel as though I would cry. It was not at all that the phrases were hurtful, but they triggered emotional and energetic responses in me that took me out of my heart energy – and that was what was fascinating.



The world is such a beautiful place when we lead with our heart, but we have developed responses to the things around us that trigger us, which then take us out of our hearts. By recognising these triggers and energy changes, and then bringing my rocking back to a heart-led motion, I was able to overcome these emotive responses. Feel them, allow them and release them, instead of trapping them.

It was an incredible exercise. The whole thing taking maybe 15 minutes, but in that time, my energy field changes completely, my heart was open. My posture, my breathing, my outlook to the world, my experience of the rest of the day – everything changed. I felt as though I was in the world wrapped in, giving and receiving love. It was all around me. And yes, my physical pain had left me.


Wanting More

Ellie DeightobI was sad when the soul safari ended as Ellie would be going back to Perth, Australia and I back to London. I felt as though I had a small peak into an energy world that could truly change my body-mind-spirit connection for the better. I wanted to continue this beautiful and powerful work with Ellie.

Luckily, during our time, I had convinced her that a trip to the UK was definitely required! Not that we are an emotionally repressed, stiff upper lip nation, or anything… But I know her work will make a profound difference here.

So, I am so please and honoured that she will be coming to London late November to run 2 workshops and share her gifts, her knowledge and her beautiful energy with us.

I hope you will join me there and experience this magic.

You can also learn more about Ellie here.


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