Customer service: What and How

What exactly is customer service and does it matter?

Customer service is more than just the product or your offering, it encompasses the experience of your customer, before, during and after your interaction and any exchange. It is also more than what your customer assumes about you.


It is the feeling they have when they think of you or your brand, it is the emotions they feel when they consider your offering. It is the experience they are left with long after the exchange is complete.


It is part of the fabric that is the customer journey. It is rarely judged on a single moment or single action, so labelling the customers experience as “Good” or “Excellent” or anything as such, is in my opinion a short sighted view. By looking for single moments of “Excellence” you are short changing your interactions to just that specific moment, forgetting that the whole experience is what creates the experience we call “customer service”.


It must be clear by this point, that customer service is of paramount importance.

Now you may be asking “Just how do we create this experience in a way that serves me, my business, and my customer?”

Here are the top three things to embed into your business, practice or indeed life, to excel at customer service:



The quality of being honest, truthful, with strong moral principles and values. Having high integrity means doing the right thing by your customer, even if it means not winning business. It is being honest, when others don’t know any better. Doing the right thing, even when no one is looking.



The word with many meanings, yet essentially best understood as providing value. If you have the intention to give value and contribute positively, you will be in service.



To deeply understand your customer, their journey, struggle, challenged and wins. To build a complete picture of their journey and creating a connection in such a way that your customer feels understood.



Let us know how you are implementing these into your practice?

What other things do you believe make exceptional customer service?

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