5 Easy ways to Overcome Stress


Did you know April is Stress Awareness Month?! 

Stress can have a massive impact both  on our mental health as well as our professional growth. Our brain and bodies can only take so much before we explode, in other word “we will have a mental breakdown” due to stress. So I want to share some easy and effortless ways to cut down our stress levels.

It's essential for us to create a balanced lifestyle, creating space both for fun and relaxation, which will benefit our conscious well-being in the long term. Here are my top five ways to ease stress in everyday life!


  • 1. Exercise
This is my top priority! Exercise has many health benefits. It can boost our immune system, help with weight management, reduces risks of heart diseases, and so on. Most importantly, exercise helps with release of more good feeling hormones, so you will feel more energise and happier. It will also improves your physical appearance, which can lead to  feeling more confident, strong and sexy.

In your own time take a minute and ask yourself “ how often do I exercise?” Start planning your days to enable you to fit this in; be creative! There are tonnes of ways to exercise, you can join an activity class, do yoga to improve your flexibility or perhaps you prefer a bit of artistic movement so spice up your dance moves and join a Zumba class!  

Remember it doesn’t have to be in the gym, you can literally workout from the comfort of your own living room or in your garden, with loads of online and virtual resource. 

Be playful, take it easy and have fun with it! 


  • 2. Eat more healthy foods:
Have you noticed when you are stressed you tend to eat less healthy foods? All of a sudden chocolates or fizzy drinks are so much more desirable, and mostly when we are lazy we just order a takeaway. Now as much as it is important to exercise, it is also very vital to maintain a healthy diet too! 

Easy way to achieve this is to fill your fridge with colourful vegetables and fruits, make fresh healthy green smoothies to boost your mood if you can. Take time to cook delicious and nutrition foods. When you eat well, you feel more energise and happier.

Be your own motivation, focus on your well-being. Eat more healthy foods to reduce stress level, and always be conscious of the food you eat. Of course remember to treat yourself sometimes too!


  • 3. Spend time in nature:

It is one of the most healing activities to benefit from. We all need a break from our stressful daily life, so why not take that break and head out to nature. Whether you’re working from an office or if you are blessed to work from home, you can easily just go to your local park and have your lunch break in nature. Hearing the sound of the bird singing, the smell of flowers even and the breeze of fresh air can lighten up your mood and create a real sense of ease in your heart and soul. It is also great for our brain as it starts to relax and learns to slow down your thoughts and feelings. You begin to be more present by connecting back with yourself through nature. 

If you are a nature lover and feeling generous with yourself, why not consider a weekend getaway to a country side surrounding and immerse yourself in nature. Spending more time this way is also shown to increase creativity because your mind will be in a calm state, so if you're looking for a creative break this might just help with that too.


  • 4. Meditation:

Inner peace comes from within! Explore mediation, a form of mindfulness practice to achieve a mentally clear, emotionally calm and stable state. It can even help to train attention span and enhance self-awareness. 

The moment you start to feel stress, you can take a deep breath, close your eyes, inhale and exhale deep and full breaths. You can literally meditate anywhere at anytime. It can be from 5 minutes to 15 minutes, or longer if your time allows. It is one of the best tools to help you to control anxiety and stress, and boost your emotional health and well-being. 

One of the side effects of meditation and becoming more present, is natural appreciation and gratitude towards life; you start to appreciating the simplest of things in your life.


  • 5. Declutter:

This is another great way to manage and lower feelings of stress. When we are busy thinking and stressing about life, we might notice that our house and living space also starts to reflect our inner state and can get messy too. Of course as we might be overwhelmed we also won't create the time to look after it. 

So here is the task for you: Each week, dedicate just a little time to start cleaning your space, your wardrobe, your kitchen; getting rid of clothes you don’t need, even better donate them to charity. Re-organise your house by moving around your furniture’s and style them differently. Clearing up your space can do wonders to help clear your mind too and take away some stress! 


Hope you found this helpful. How do you manage stress?

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