TOM Talks About The Lonely Path of Service

The Lonely Path of Service

So, you’ve found your purpose and passion as a Holistic Wellbeing practitioner. Finally, all the years of uncertainty, of commitment and of trial have paid off as you have found your clarity in your purpose. And you’ve decided to step up and step out in serving the world with your gifts and talents.

Now that you know what you want to do, figuring out the best path could actually feel like you’re on another quest. All sorts of questions around running your practice and being in business can come up, and in no particular order, for you to answer.

  • How do you manage your cash flow or accounting?
  • How do you market your services to potential clients?
  • How do you find clients and what do you say to them? 
  • Who is your ideal client, and how do you define them?
  • How do you find someone who wants what you have, and actually wants to pay you?
  • How do you keep yourself inspired to serve and motivated to keep going?


The Business side of your practice can be Lonely.

As these questions pop up, it is inevitable for your focus to waver from your practice and service. You might look for the answers in books or online, or even others who have travelled the path you wish to take in service; however you may soon realise that the path of service can often be a lonely one, with a wealth of varying information at your disposal it can be confusing to say the least and perhaps even disheartening. 


When this happens, it can be so easy to think:

“Oh well, I have tried, maybe this isn’t my path…” or

“I have to go back to the job I hate so much, this service from my heart but the business isn’t going to work!”



We know the path can be lonely and the lack of support can be exhausting. We know that before you’ve had a chance to live out your destiny as a practitioner - of the service you are so passionate about - you might be ready to give up.  Not only do you miss out, but so do all of your potential clients!


Empowering Your Business

We want to help and put a stop to this pattern. The Oneness Movement is dedicated to bringing oneness to everyday lives, by empowering holistic practitioners to connect with clients and deliver their true value.

Which is exactly why we have committed to collating, curating and creating useful tools, guides and resources for practitioners!





We look forward to serving and empowering you, while you serve and empower your clients.

Keep your eyes peeled on the ever-growing ​resource pool for practitioners. 

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In Service to you and with Gratitude,

The TOM Team



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