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You've probably heard all the sayings before. Focus creates reality, where you put your attention is where you put your energy. Focus on where you are going, not where you are.

This week I have had a powerful lesson in focus. You see like every entrepreneur l have a big vision and I was putting all my energy into the future.

Having just launched our myTOM platform, I have become so excited with all the ways we can serve people, from those who are looking for support on their journey of transformation, to the individual practitioners and small businesses we can help share their knowledge and support.

We brought out a great starting platform. But I focused on all the things it could do next, all the millions of people that could be helped and what we as a TOM team needed to do on a mass scale to get people using it. And guess what? Nothing happened.



My coach, William Whitecloud teaches me to set up creative tension between my vision and where I am now in my current reality. The next step is to let go of how I am to get there, and just take the next obvious action.

He says we need to focus on the vision and set the intention for it to happen. Then we need to let it go, surrender to universal energy, and be vulnerable that it may not happen. Now, I really understand what he means.



Focusing on a vision is great, but I was not being vulnerable. Instead, l put conditions on what the vision must be, and I started to try and control it with expectations. I feared that I wouldn't achieve it and I worried about HOW I could do it.

My focus went on all the things l MUST do to make it happen. l had to-do list after to-do list and I kept myself busy with task after task. Each time thinking "This is what needs to happen before I can create my vision". Yes, tasks would get done, but I would push them through with force and then find more new things that simply MUST be done.

End result? I kept burning out and seemed to get further and further away from my vision. And that downward spiral of disappointment, futility and depression would follow.



I have been in Sri Lanka with our product developers (mapping out HOW we would build out myTOM functionality over the next 3 years!!!) with TOM Chief Product and Marketing Officer, Lucy Nolan. Lucy has great intuitive insight into what is really going on, and she could tell, my focus was all wrong! Despite her telling me (like a million times), I just kept resisting the truth.

During our trip, we traveled around Sri Lanka and spent time in beautiful locations, where, through deep meditation, my connection to Oneness grew. Lucy helped me to focus on gratitude for what we had already created. I became more aware of what we could do right now  to help people, instead of focusing on helping future people.

Lucy reminded me of the Fibonacci sequence, a natural phenomenon which reflects patterns of growth spirals found in nature. I was trying to force massive growth now instead of going one step at a time along the Fibonacci.


So, what's obvious?

I let go of conditions and trying to control my vision. I became vulnerable that I may not get my vision and acknowledged my current reality. Then, the next step on my journey, and the journey for The Oneness Movement became obvious.

I cannot rush into helping one million practitioners right now. What I should focus on is helping one. And then the next, and then the next. Do what I want to do globally, locally first. Put all my heart into helping the individuals. Only then will I be able to help more. And actually, only then, will I be living the vision!

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