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One of the best parts of life at TOM is getting to try the different services run by Practitioners on our
myTOM platform! I was very happy to join Christian Whitcloud on her retreat in Greece, and go "Into the Wild".

This was an incredibly deep experience for me. Christian is an absolute genius when it comes to the nature of women and helping them connect deeply with their true and inherent feminine power. For me this is something I have found challenging as I spend most of my time in a "doing" state rather than a "being" state and can often forget who I really am at heart.

This journey not only reconnected me with my true sense of self, but helped me uncover more of my true essence than I had ever realised before. Receiving and being in touch with feminine energy is not something that has come naturally for me and so this was like a breathe of fresh air,opening me up to a world of me, that I never knew was there.

Through out the week, we did yoga, meditations, breathwork and massage, along with the workshop sessions and exercises that Christian facilitated. These sessions were insightfight and profound. I'd captured a video after one of the exercises, and you can listen to this below. 



Joanna in Nature

Joanna shares the insights she received during a 3-point land reading based on receiving intuitive insights from Mother Nature.






Into the Wild Retreat

This retreat was an incredibly profound and deeply moving experience. I softened into a fuller experience of my true self, able to celebrate and honour the woman I am. With my corporate background in the "man's world" of financial services, this is something I had always found a challenge. I learnt that you don't need masculine qualities to be a leader, feminine leadership is a far more powerful and embracing energy.


Christian describes some of the benefits of this retreat as:

  • Shedding of the old skin - releasing what's outgrown and no longer serving you
  • Inviting in your sensual nature and experiencing how she feeds your creativity for life
  • Being turned on to new vibrancy and juiciness of your passion, power and purpose
  • Deep insight and connectivity through mastering your intuitive skills
  • Reconnecting with the profound wisdom and fecundity of mother nature

If you are interested in joining Christian on this retreat next October, you can find out details here.


Shine Your Magic

If you can't wait that long, she also hosts the Shine Your Magic Retreat in June. I have already signed up as I can not wait to experience the deep sense of myself again. Christian is a master at holding the space to allow a woman to sink deep and peel off the layers of herself that do not serve her.

Obviously I have more layers to go, so I am booked in and counting down the week!



About Christian

Christian WhitecloudChristian Whitecloud has been specializing in creative development, advanced intuitive practices, higher consciousness and the technology of imagination for nearly 25 years. She is incredibly fascinated by people.  But most of all, she love's working with women and serving them in high vibrational living.

Christian loves to help women realise their power. She believes a woman’s natural state of being is a state of receptivity, that we are highly intuitive, connected and born leaders. Yet through the ages of female suppression and the weight of our individual conditioning and daily pressures, we end up resisting much of our inherent connectivity and creative power. 

She know's we often go to sleep to the magic that is inside of us, finding ourselves approaching life in a robotic, draining and compromised way. Christian helps women come home to receiving all that they are so they can claim the unique elements of their feminine genius you can begin to move through life with power, passion and purpose. 

Using advanced creative structures and intuitive techniques, Christian teaches women to recognize the deep, enigmatic woman that they truly are and supports them in creating a higher life that resonates with that essence.

Find Christian on myTOM 




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