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Nick CondonI had the pleasure of meeting Nick in the Kalahari desert last year. We went on to travel through the stunning Okavongo delta, Botswana and I learnt that Nick is no stranger to travel!

Following a long career in IT, Nick found himself grappling with the with the question “What do I really want from life?”

He decided to follow through on a desire to go travelling and took a year out in South America. What he found was a liberating way to experience travel through full immersion in the local culture. But more than this, what it gave him was a new perspective on himself and what really matters in his life.

Now, Nick helps others to have this awakening, through Journeys with Nick. He shows people how to slow down, be present and be  mindful, encouraging them to put down the camera. Throwing in a few off-the-beaten-tack challenges, his groups of adventurers find new realisations on life and deeper self awareness.

Nick's current passion is for India. He has just returned from its northeast corner, a land of ancient monasteries, untouched wilderness and septuagenarian headhunters! Next stop, a slow paddle down the Ganges in local fishing boats!




"We don't find ourselves on adventure - we simply remember who we have been all along"

Nick Condon



Nick Condon Talks with TOM about Journeys with Nick



Feeling the need to Journey with Nick?

Get off-the-beaten-tack and immerse yourself in culture. Challenge yourself and find a new awareness to come back to who you truly are. Go on a journey with Nick - Slowly, Down the Ganges. You can connect with Nick Condon on myTOM and join him in India!


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