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Nadia Dubiel, founder of SuperHuman Academy is Talking with The Oneness Movement

Nadia Dubiel SuperHumanNadia Dubiel is a Body and Mind trainer, teaching people "How to Become SuperHuman".

It was a real pleasure to interview her and learn more about how she helps people understand what they are truly capable of. Nadia is on a mission! She educate's people how to take control over their minds, listen to their bodies and connect with others and universe.

Nadia gives people the right tools to be able transcend into the higher beings that we truly are. A traumatic breakup led her on her own journey of self-discovery. Through exploring disciplines such as yoga and coaching, Nadia now brings her compassion, experience and expertise to help others.

She focuses on the mind and the body connection as a foundation for moving to higher realms of connection with true self, others and the universe. From here, the journey continues through exploring sexual energy and then ultimate creative energy.

Find out more about Nadia's work as the perfect way to start your Spring!




"We are so much more powerful than we have been conditioned to believe, our mind is a bridge to a truly abundant life, but only if we learn how to resonate on the right frequency"

Nadia Dubiel



See our interview with Nadia Dubiel here:


How to Become SuperHuman

Nadia's Signature Transformational Training Program is ‘’How to Become SuperHuman’’. She loves inspiring people all over the world and creating lasting change in the lives of her fans and followers.

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