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Susan Driscoll - Talking with TOM

The Oneness Movement talks with Susan Driscoll

Susan Driscoll

After 25 years on her own personal journey, Susan began coaching and teaching Creative Development. She teaches the same tools and techniques that have helped her to create change in her own life.

She believes we all have gifts to offer, untapped potential, and an innate ability to create what we’d love in life. Susan works intuitively and teaches intuition to her clients. This develops creative ability as well as allows a deeper look into blocks and resistance.

Her services include 1-on-1 coaching, workshops, and online courses. Susan invites you to get to know her and her work through the intro workshops and free sessions she offers.




"You can improve all areas of your life with your innate and natural ability to create and live your highest potential. And the best part is that you don't have to "fix" yourself before you can start. "

Susan Driscoll



See Susan's interview with TOM here:


If you want to get on and create what you love, then find out more about

Susan and Creative Development at www.susan-driscoll.com



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