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Christian Whitecloud The Oneness Movement talks with Christian Whitecloud

Christian is an alchemist and creative structure coach who is passionate in serving women in high vibrational living.

From her humble beginnings in the outback of Australia, Christian now lives in LA with her family and has a thriving coaching business specializing in creative development, advanced intuitive practices, higher consciousness and the technology of imagination.

She is fascinated by people and her gift is to help women go deep inside themselves to connect with, and bring out their true essence, through her supportive and intimate nature.





"I love that the deeper we dare to go within ourselves the higher and freer we fly.  We truly are limitless."

Christian Whitecloud



See Christian's interview with TOM here:


If Christian's work resonates with you and you would like to know more, you can find Christian on myTOM

Check out her amazing retreats for a deep and profound sense of connection and creativity!



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