Bathe Away Your Stress in a Sound Bath

Laura Franses - Crystal Sound LoungeLiving in London, life can sometimes be a little stressful, to say the least. But sometimes, there are wonderful discoveries that renew your love for the capital and your sense of tranquility. In the bustle and chaos of Paddington, I took a stroll down a quaint mews and found one such place, the Crystal Sound Lounge.

Founded by Laura Franses, a former senior executive at Channel Four Television, the Crystal Sound Lounge is an oasis of calm where you can find your inner peace. Laura set up the lounge after a trip to Mexico where she found “a profound sense of peace like never before”, following a session with crystal singing bowls.

If you’ve never been to a crystal sound session, or “sound bath”, then I really recommend you give it a try. Instead of being bathed in water, you are immersed in waves of beautiful sound vibrations that wash away your negative and stressful thoughts - a beautiful form of sound therapy which leaves you in the deepest relaxation.

We prepared for our sound bath by removing our shoes and switching off our phones, before entering the studio. Our therapist, Julia Scott-Russell was seated in the middle of the floor among an array of large and small crystal singing bowls.  As we settled on to our mats, complete with blankets and pillows, the lights were dimmed and replaced by candle light.


The bathing begins

Julia Scott-RussellJulia began with gentle resonant sounds and a guided mediation, helping us to relax deeply into every part of our body. Moving deeper and deeper into the mediation with each new crystal bowl played, I felt my inner mental chatter quieten down. It was like it was being replaced with the sound vibrations that seemed to wash right through me. A totally relaxing ‘mind-bath’ of sound.

A crystal rod is run around the rim of the bowl to produce the vibrations causing the sound. The bowls can also be gently tapped like a gong. The therapist works with the energy of the room to produce a unique composition of sound for every session. No two baths are ever the same.

Julia uses Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls™ as they are hand crafted from the highest-grade quartz with a unique blend of gemstones, precious metals, rare crystals and minerals, the sounds from which, results in a deep sense of wellbeing and calm.

I certainly felt this. Even though I couldn’t remember drifting off or coming back around, I was sure I had fallen asleep. In chatting with Julia afterwards, she said this is perfectly normal. In fact, she once played a corporate event in which the room was filled with a cacophony of male snores. Even that disharmony was drawn into the beautiful vibrations from the alchemy bowls and became part of the relaxing composition!

Find your inner calm with the Crystal Sound Lounge. Public baths start from £22


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