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Re:Mind Me Why I Love Conscious Wellbeing?

Mind Matters Workshop

I had the pleasure of attending a Mind Matters workshop at The Curtain and hosted by Shivraj Bassi, Founder and CEO of Innermost. It incorporated some of my favourite disciplines, Nutrition, Mindfulness and Sound Healing!

Shiv was joined by Terrence the Teacher, a well-known guru of mindfulness, and Yulia Koveleva, Founder of Re:Mind, a drop-in meditation studio in the heart of London.

I loved Terrence’s approach to mindfulness as it is mind-blowing in its simplicity. He demonstrated practical ways to bring mindfulness into our everyday lives. The 7/11 technique - counting to 7 on an in-breath and 11 on the out-breath is simple and powerful. Its shown to lower anxiety and stress, so it was just what I needed at the end my entrepreneur’s week.

Terrence backs up his simply approach with a ton of knowledge and evidence. I was fascinated to learn that different parts of our brains operate at different frequencies, so it’s no wonder we can feel all over the place! Mindfulness calms them all to the same speed where we feel more whole and connected to ourselves. I’ve just download Terrence’s new app, Breathe with Terrence to bring mindfulness into my every day.


Sound Healing

But the real joy for me came for me with Yulia’s sound healing mediation. I had never experienced this with a crystal bowl for the sounding before. Yulia twirls a crystal baton around the sides of the bowl and the sound this produced was incredible. I could feel it resonate through my whole body and I was transported with the vibrations to a beautiful state of calm. All the mental chatter calmed down as the sounds washed away negative, stressful thoughts and feelings.

Throughout the sounding, Yulia guides you with suggestions on where to focus your mind, bringing it deep into your body. For me, this was a grounding and nourishing experience. So many of us have busy lives. For me as an entrepreneur juggling the launch of our platform, whilst still working, I can often feel overwhelmed at the competing pressures. After 45 mins with Yulia, I felt refreshed and renewed and ready for the week ahead.

If you have not visited her studio, Re:Mind then I highly recommend you go and check out the Re:Sound class so you can experience the healing sound waves of the crystal bowls. Simply stunning.



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