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There comes a time when we all stand at ‘that’ crossroad – fed-up with life as we know it but unable to move forward due to a collection of debilitating factors - fears, low self-esteem, low confidence, self-doubt, lack of motivation, lack of skills, lack of support, worry and anxiety or even fear of success itself.

It suddenly becomes crystal clear that the only way to get yourself out of this rut is to engage with personal transformation.

One of the best ways to motivate yourself to take a journey of self-discovery is by connecting with inspirational teachers and speakers, and TED Talks provide an amazing array of resources that can help you get started.


Game of life!

A powerful tool is to look at yourself from the outside in – imagine being in the audience watching your life as it plays out on stage.

This is an incredibly effective way to gain insight into your behaviour, your patterns, your beliefs and your interactions.

By removing yourself from you – you become able to switch off the mental chatter that drives you to be ‘reactive’ and ‘defensive’ fuelling your desire to second guess your next move and constantly protect yourself.

To undergo personal transformation, you need to shift gear, challenge your perceptions though observation, and move away from being reactive and defensive and move towards being reflective, proactive and creative.

This ultimately helps you consider your own happiness – something you may have side lined while being ultra-busy with your life.

If you’re looking to put happiness back in the driving seat then it’s worth watching Dan Gilberts TED Talk which cleverly explains the difference between synthetic happiness and natural happiness.


Reflection unlocks authenticity

By choosing to become an observer of your game of life you initiate the opportunity to live your life in a more authentic way.

If you’re having trouble working out what your authentic life could look like then tune into the YouTube channel of Jay Shetty, an ex-monk turned motivational philosopher with heaps of advice for living a more meaningful, conscious and deliberate life.

By reflecting on your observations about yourself you can start to self-correct your language, behaviour, responses and begin to open yourself up to different outcomes and achieve new life goals.

You can re-write your life script, change your direction and go with the flow of your life rather than being caught in the need to control a situation, experience or interaction.

By engaging with this form of reflective practice, you start to embrace moments when vulnerability kicks in, take a pause to observe yourself and listen to your own truth or intuition, before delivering your considered response – an exciting way to build a more authentic you.

If the word vulnerability gives you goose bumps then tap into the TED Talk by Brene Brown, a research professor who teaches that those who embrace vulnerability are rewarded with happiness and feeling worthy of love.


Assess your blocks

As you observe and reflect you are likely to uncover the things that hold you back or prevent you from taking the next big step in your life.

Unhealthy relationships, self-doubt, low self-esteem or lack of skills could all be the obvious go-to factors at play.

But there are more subtle influences to consider including your body language and the way in which energy flows around and within your body.

There’s a brilliant TED Talk by Amy Cuddy explaining how non-verbal language creates judgements that directly affect communication.

Have you ever considered that your posture or gesticulations may influence whether you get hired for a job?

It’s fascinating how your body language speaks for you and about you. Blocks aren’t always obvious, especially when it comes to body energy. Qi or life-force energy flows through channels called Meridians and central points called Chakras, and also creates an aura around the outside of the body.

Reiki practitioners can identify blocks and imbalances in Qi and it’s believed that these blocks are reflected out into your life, holding you back in different ways.

If you are new to the concept of Qi then the scientist Jill Bolte Taylor’s TED Talk provides a moving account of how she tapped into the power of Qi to recover from a stroke. Even signing up to a class of Tai Chi helps keep your subtle energy systems balanced and fully charged.

Whatever blocks you uncover, there are numerous ways to navigate your way through or around them and The Oneness Movement provides a platform for you to explore the different wellness practitioners and wellbeing specialist options available.


Motivation and Inspiration

It’s so easy to let time pass you by, especially if you are a busy-bee and time seems to be a commodity that we are all desperate to have more of.

Tapping into the wealth of inspirational Social Media Influencers, tuning in to TED Talks or signing up to a course of life-coaching is a great way to get motivated.

But if you are finding that fear is preventing you from initially putting the wheels in motion then maybe you have been unrealistic about the goals you have set for yourself.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to be different or change direction. One way to make the start of your journey more light-hearted is to take up a 30-day challenge. Instead of letting another month pass you by simply do something that you have always wanted to do but never found the time – just for 30 days.

This concept is brilliantly explained in the TED Talk by Matt Cutts and as each 30-day challenge starts to increase your self-confidence and activate your desire for adventure, as eventually these small sustainable challenges propel you to the point where your first few steps of your personal transformation seem easy, fun and achievable.


Personal Transformation

It’s always good to remind yourself that this is YOUR life.

Every now and again it’s important to challenge your current thinking, open yourself up to new wellness disciplines to energise your personal transformation, and get you one step closer to conscious living and authentic happiness.

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