Business Collaboration: why collaboration is good for your business and your own wellbeing

In recent blog posts we’ve explored a lot of the external factors currently influencing the wellness industry, including changing social attitudes, government interest and the fact that the sector is booming and set to continue growing.

Whether you’re just starting out as a wellness practitioner or have a well-established business, you should be feeling very excited about the opportunities that are out there.

You might also be feeling rather daunted: where and how do you start tapping into all this potential?

The good news is, you don’t have to take on the challenge alone.

When thinking about living a superconscious, connected life, we often talk about finding our tribe – in other words, identifying and building relationships with people who share our passions, ethos and mindset.

When you find your tribe, you unlock the enormous world of possibilities that only occur through positive human interaction. New perspectives are shared, ideas are born and nurtured, and you discover yourself moving in directions you’d never imagined.


Finding your tribe will change your life…

and the same is true for your business.

Collaboration with businesses that operate in the same or complementary sectors is one of the most energising and valuable activities you can engage in.

Whether you’re looking for new ways to grow your business, help solving a specific problem or simply reassurance that others are facing the same challenges, finding an active community to offer you support is fantastically liberating and can greatly boost your productivity and morale.

After all, you need to look after your own wellbeing too.

This is particularly important for the wellness industry, where many practitioners are sole traders and small businesses.

When you don’t have the luxury of marketing, accounts and IT support teams you have to take on all those roles yourself.

And, when you really want to be focusing on serving your clients with your passion for your work, it can be isolating and demoralising to be distracted by the mundane but essential elements of running a business. It’s worse still if there’s no one you can ask for advice that’s relevant to your sector.

Tapping into a community where there’s someone else who has been there and done that and is willing to share their experience – is worth its weight in gold both personally and professionally.


How to collaborate in the wellness industry – no more nightmare networking events

The idea of business collaboration often conjures up nightmares of those awkward networking events where an alpha personality is a pre-requisite, and everyone is more interested in how many business cards they can shift than in meaningful discussion – I think we’ve all been there and muttered “never again!”

Fortunately, these days, the best and most productive business collaborations are as likely – if not more likely - to be initiated online as they are over stale croissants in motorway service stations! It just takes a bit of time and research to find the business tribe that’s right for you.

Key to finding the right business community is to be discerning – don’t sign up for every group going.

You only have so much time and energy to devote to getting the most out of different communities, so it’s worth taking time to find the right ones for you. Choose those where you can see the benefits you’ll get for the time you invest.

Ask yourself:

  • Does the group have a definite mission and purpose,
  • Do they align with my own ethos?
  • Are the rules for participation clear?
  • What other businesses are already involved – could my business complement theirs?
  • Are there specific benefits that add value to membership, such as access to business services like finance, HR, marketing?

Consider not only the positives you’ll get from engaging with the community – advice, inspiration, support - but also what you can offer.

We feel greater satisfaction when we give as much as we take – so think about the experiences you’ve had while running your business and how sharing those might help other community members.


Embracing transformative change for your business

I mentioned earlier that finding your business tribe will change your life: that’s exactly what we are setting out to do here at The Oneness Movement – bringing together individuals and businesses in the wellness industry to empower transformative change on personal and professional levels.

We know that there is an ocean of experience, ideas and potential out there and we are committed to building a community that allows members to tap into it and connect directly with other businesses that are keen to explore and grow.

It will become an active community of like-minded, energetic and supportive practitioners from the full spectrum of wellness and complementary health specialisms. People willing to champion one another, share insights, offer ideas and encourage engagement that leads to growth and success for all our members.


Join myTOM

To make your journey part of our journey, join our myTOM platform today and help to start something amazing.

We can’t wait to meet you.


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