TOM Benefits Practitioners and Small Businesses in the Wellness Space

Practitioners may be experts in their discipline but many are not experienced, confident or competent when it comes to business planning, marketing or social media yet all of these skills are needed to be a successful practitioner. The Oneness Movement provides practitioners of all disciplines with an easy way to connect with their audience, market and sell their goods and services and manage their business admin and performance.

Success Story

You may wonder why you are not tasting sweet success every month. It can be hugely frustrating that the time you have set aside for appointments doesn’t always reflect the number of new clients that you hoped you would see each week. The truth is that local competition is fierce. The increasing trend for wellness means that more and more people are choosing to swap their suits and embark on a life-changing complimentary practitioner training in an attempt to achieve a better life-work balance, to ditch the stress of deadlines and sales targets and embark on a career that swaps boardroom hierarchy for a more meaningful working experience.

It was only a decade ago that you would have to travel to a large town to find a good acupuncturist, osteopath, nutritional therapist, herbalist or reflexologist and you’d have to explore the back-of-beyond to for an aura reading, chakra balance or sound gong bath. Fast forward to the here and now and there are yoga instructors queuing up for slots at every village hall and every town and most villages have a complementary clinic with a variety of therapists encompassing both the scientific therapies and those with more spiritual roots . It’s no longer enough to let your good reputation bring you a full client list, today's therapist must also have a good head for business, marketing and strategising in order to compete locally.


Problem Solving

As part of your own personal development you may have already assessed you strengths and weakness and it’s now time to also do this from a business prospective. You may have a tremendous passion for your discipline and a desire to help others both of which are fantastic strengths for developing a sound professional reputation BUT what about your short fallings? You may have no prior marketing, advertising, networking or media training and may lack in self-confidence in these areas, so how on earth are you going to overcome this massive business weakness?

One way to problem solve this is to join a network or organisation that does this for you. The Oneness Movement is a platform that acts as an online therapy directory – linking therapists of all disciplines with clients seeking their services. By joining this service you benefit from making yourself visible and available beyond the other practitioners in your local demographic which automatically opens you up to reach more clients. You also become part of an organisation that has behind the scenes experts working on all of the areas of the business that you naturally fall short in. The marketing, networking and buzz and energy created around and about The Oneness Movement ultimately generates the ability for you to relax about your business short fallings and rest into opportunities that are constantly and consistently being created for you to tap into.


Interconnected Community

If you are a therapist who is not part of local clinic team but has chosen to work from home, alone, then you face even bigger business challenges. In this situation having an online presence is even more important as a valuable outreach tool to promote your business, services and visibility. However, if posting pictures of your breakfast on Instagram doesn’t fill you with professional joy (!) then tapping into The Oneness Movement provides a more productive way to connect and engage with potential clients.

You can build your own brand awareness through their forums and publish your own content so that the network of users can get to know you, trust you and want your advice, and by responding to feedback and comments you easily establish your own following and grow your own audience. But it’s not just practitioner-to-client engagement that you can benefit from. The Oneness Movement also links you with other like minded practitioners which can be of great value in offsetting feelings of loneliness and isolation associated with working from home. Having a professional community to discuss clinical protocols with or learn about new products or CPD courses is exciting and provides a level of professional support, when you need it.


Slick Service

There is a lot of time spent as a therapist, doing local advertising, chasing clients, booking appointments making sure invoices for appointments have been paid, non of which is likely to be your passion. The Oneness Movement has a slick online marketplace with your own business page and directory to showcase your products and services. Many of your admin chores are also taken care of by the selling if your services and products online, plus the online appointment booking and payments made in advance of appointments gives your cash flow a boost.

By reducing your time and mental focus on admin chores you free yourself up to do more of the parts of the job that you enjoy – seeing clients, writing articles, running promotions, managing your clients, engaging with local events all of which helps to further build your business and generate a better, more financially lucrative and successful service!


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